The beginning of every story outlines the who, what, why, how, and when.    The hero and antagonist are clear.

Your story may have some fuzzy memories or memories you don't want to think about.

As a child, you may have defined your-self as a child, relative, friend.

The truth is in an abuse situation, there is a victim, a suspect, and a crime.

You were the victim.

The offender is a suspect.

A crime was committed against you.

See our Victim Support page for detailed definitions.

As you start the journey to heal, start by defining these three things to bring out the truth and put your story in a proper perspective.

You may need a friend, counselor, pastor, or supportive person to listen to your story and help you sort out the truth, so you can face the truth and reject the lies that have been a cloud over your past.

Visit our Video Helps or Book Helps and other resources to provide a supportive background and understand you are not the only victim.