Thank you for stopping by and being concerned about helping CSA victims and the devastating spiritual and societal effect on our neighbors, churches, and communities.


Asking God to help those in need is one of the most powerful partnerships you can give to Safe to Hope!

Here is a great book highlighting God's goodness through the power of prayer.

Know a business that takes credit cards?   If you do, and they Switch to Guardian Financial as a credit card processor, whether for a web business or brick and mortar, Guardian Financial will donate a portion of the normal transaction fee (no extra cost to the business) to Safe to Hope!   Would you send a business this link today and switch credit card processing companies to help survivors and their communities?  (New Tab) 



Stay up to date with our blog and social media and ask God how you can help.  Here are some projects of GO 2021.  Just focus on 1 as you are led...every penny counts...and thank you in advance!

1. Monthly support partners for operational expenses.  Monthly commitment.

2. Fencing to secure the property.  Some was raised from the Pumpkin Patch

3. Gifts to pay off the mortgage so Safe to Hope will be debt free.

4. Capital expense of a renovated conversion of the main building to a farmhouse as a base of operations for our family to stage and support CSA survivors and initiate community events and maintain the property.

5. A 50+ HP gas tractor to mow the vacant fields (or volunteers with tractors!) to prepare them for planting.

6. Purchase study materials for survivors to give out when they contact Safe to Hope or at community outreach events.

Other general goals include.

  • Developing Curriulum and Resources for CSA Victims
  • Developing Curriulum and Resources for Church leaders
  • Clearing the Safe to Hope property after years of unuse
  • Building out the Safe to Hope property to provide a retreat for adult CSA victims and a training center for CSA Victims, leaders, and the community for both Awareness and Assistance.
  • Adding "small houses" to the property for solitude for CSA victims to "come apart" before you come apart.
  • Fundraising to help subsidize CSA victims' costs to come to the Safe to Hope facility without financially stressing their families.
  • Fundraising to help subsidize counseling for CSA victims.



It is one thing to pray, yet another to listen to God to what He wants for you to do for Safe to Hope and CSA Victims.   There is much pain and hurt for CSA victims and their families that requires social, emotional, and financial support, using the resources God has provided in your life.

While not asking for specific donations, so that God can get the glory, we ask you to specifically ask what you can do and listen and respond to God's leading.

You can give via the online app securely, or mail a payment.   In-kind donations will be accepted with prior review by the Executive Director or Board of Directors.

NOTE:  Safe to Hope, Inc. is approved by the IRS as a tax-exempt 501(c)(3) charity (EIN 814771893), and is registered by the State of Florida as a non-profit organization.

Gifts may also be mailed to Safe to Hope, PO Box 58, Satsuma, FL 32189-0058.


All donations not specified will be placed in the general fund of the ministry and used for the most pressing needs of the ministry.


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