Safe to Hope

A non-profit ministry that combines law enforcement experience with education and hospitality in finding Biblical hope for CSA (Child Sexual Abuse) issues.


Encourage CSA victims to feel comfortable in defining the truths of their abuse story through wholesome retreats at the farmhouse

Educate the worldwide community on the epidemic of CSA and on practical ways to detect and prevent it

Equip leaders and victim-supporters to create safe public environments and to start the conversations that will lead to healing and hope at home

Enrich the local community through family-style events on the farm, designed to support education and victim services


Every victim finds healing.  Every leader helps.


Our Team


Rey, an US Air Force Veteran and law enforcement officer for 25 years, has served and protected the community as a police officer, giving him an in-depth view of social issues and motivating him to share the life-changing truth of the Bible with the hurting and those that could help.   With the background of training tried with the fire of life and experience, Rey has a passion of outreach to the community and area to support families in trauma and survivors of childhood abuse.

Board Members/Officers

God has blessed Saving Hope Refuge with compassionate leaders that are actively serving God by making a difference in the world:

Rey Coll – President

Steve Barreira – Vice-President

Don Inman – Treasurer

Penny Kievet – Secretary

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